XbotGo – AI Powered Sports Tracking Gimbal

Seamless Brilliance: XbotGo Sports Gimbal – Elevate Every Shot with Just Your Phone!

Enter a captivating realm of cinematic sports capture with the XbotGo Sports Gimbal—a cutting-edge innovation that invites you into a world of breathtaking footage using only your smartphone and the user-friendly XbotGo app. Beyond being just a device, the XbotGo stands as your dedicated tool for cinematic storytelling, and the best part? No additional hardware or software is required, simplifying your filming experience.

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Stabilization Mastery, Next-Level Innovation

Witness the unveiling of unparalleled stability as the XbotGo introduces its advanced three-axis stabilization, guaranteeing your footage stays rock-steady, powered solely by the capabilities of your smartphone. With a sleek, foldable design and the added convenience of an included mini tripod, the XbotGo becomes your ultimate companion for on-the-go filming adventures.

Intuitive Controls, Effortless Connectivity

XbotGo App

Embark on a seamless and hassle-free cinematic journey with the XbotGo! Its user-friendly design boasts controls so intuitive that you’ll seamlessly navigate each shot, feeling like a seasoned director behind the lens. The added advantage of Bluetooth connectivity empowers you to take full command of your smartphone hands-free, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game without the need for any additional gadgets. It’s the perfect fusion of simplicity and control, putting the power of cinematic capture right at your fingertips.

AI Sports Tracking: Immerse Yourself, Capture Every Beat

Ignite the magic and elevate your sports videography with the groundbreaking XbotGo’s AI-powered sports tracking. Seamlessly executed through your smartphone and the user-friendly app, this cutting-edge gimbal goes beyond capturing moments; it’s your partner in storytelling. Whether you’re scoring goals, flaunting skills, or engaging in any sporting endeavour, the XbotGo ensures you capture every heartbeat of the action. The beauty lies in its simplicity—no need for burdensome additional equipment. Immerse yourself in the game, and let the XbotGo be your cinematic eyes, effortlessly tracking every movement for a truly captivating visual narrative.

Precision Meets Adaptability

Dive into the realm of precision with the extraordinary XbotGo, showcasing an exceptional 90 to 95% accuracy in tracking. This cutting-edge gimbal seamlessly adapts to the dynamic rhythm of sports, ensuring that each frame of your footage transforms into a visual masterpiece. Picture a world where every kick, every sprint, and every goal is captured with unmatched accuracy—all effortlessly achieved with the device conveniently resting in your pocket. The XbotGo takes the art of sports videography to new heights, delivering precision that not only meets but exceeds expectations, providing you with an immersive and unparalleled filming experience. Xbot Go can also easily add new functions (like sports) and improve AI stability during an app update.

No Extra Gear Needed: Your Phone, Your Creativity

Immerse yourself in the art of storytelling effortlessly with the XbotGo. This revolutionary device allows you to craft cinematic narratives seamlessly using just your smartphone and the intuitive XbotGo app. What sets it apart from the rest? The absence of additional hardware or software. Streamlining your sports videography experience has never been more straightforward.

Picture this: you’re on the field, capturing each intricate move, every goal, and every moment of triumph, all with the ease of your smartphone and the XbotGo app. The beauty of this setup lies in its simplicity. There’s no need to fuss over extra gadgets or intricate software configurations—just focus on your creative vision, and let the XbotGo effortlessly elevate every shot.

XbotGo and XbotGo Setup

The XbotGo isn’t merely a tool; it’s a creative partner, allowing you to tell your sports stories with finesse. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional filming setups, and welcome a new era where capturing dynamic sports moments is as easy as pressing a button on your smartphone. It’s cinematic storytelling made simple, thanks to the seamless integration of your device with the XbotGo. The makers of the Xbot Go Gimbal can also easily add new functions (like sports) and improve AI stability during an app update. That has the advantage of not having to buy any new hardware extra, If is available. You can read more about this below.

XBotGo accessories

There is no need to purchase additional accessories, with the standard Xbot Go and the app installed on your phone you can get started. However, there are accessories available namely:

XbotGo Gimbal T1 Tripod

This XbotGo Gimbal T1 Tripod is great for recording a Basketball game, among other things. It is at the time of writing this information the smallest of the 2 tripods

XbotGo T4 Tripod

This XbotGo T4 Tripod is significantly higher than the XbotGo T1 Tripod and is therefore ideal for recording soccer matches.

In the handy storage bag, you will also find a bag that you can fill with water or sand to make sure the XbotGo gimbal stays steady, for example when filming in windy conditions.

XbotGo BLE Remote Control

As we already indicated in our review video when using the XbotGo Gimbal and the XbotGo T4 Tripod it was not possible to control it easily (Apple Watch option excepted) since it is several meters in the air with the XbotGo T4 Tripod. Therefore, you will have to set it on first and then slide it up.
The makers of the Xbot Go have developed the XbotGo BLE Remote Control for this purpose, the XbotGo BLE Remote Control allows you to control the Xbot Go Gimbal when it is extended on the tripod.

During the making of the review video this XbotGo BLE Remote Control was not yet available but is now available for order through their website.

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Live stream your sports matches with the XbotGo app

Live-streaming your sports events seamlessly through the innovative XbotGo app, coupled with the advanced XbotGo Gimbal. The unparalleled convenience lies in the fact that you can effortlessly broadcast your sports content (for free) on popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or through an RTSP stream. This revolutionary combination allows individuals who, regrettably, cannot be physically present to actively partake in and savour the unfolding event from any corner of the globe.

The XbotGo app, in conjunction with the XbotGo Gimbal, transcends geographical barriers, ensuring that the thrill of your sports activities is not confined to a specific location. Whether it’s a thrilling match, an exhilarating tournament, or any sporting spectacle, this dynamic duo facilitates an immersive and inclusive experience. Enabling global connectivity, the live stream brings people together virtually, fostering a sense of unity and shared excitement as they witness the event in real time.

Embrace the future of sports content dissemination with XbotGo, where the power of live streaming transforms every match into a global spectacle. Share the passion, capture the moments, and make your sports events accessible to a worldwide audience, allowing them to engage with the excitement, no matter where they are situated in the world.

Elevate Your Soccer Training with XbotGo and Soccerexercises

A Dynamic Duo for Cinematic Brilliance and Skill Refinement!

Unleash the perfect synergy of sports innovation and cinematic brilliance as you integrate the XbotGo Sports Gimbal into our soccer exercises. This dynamic duo provides a seamless blend of immersive footage and precision training. With unmatched three-axis stabilization and intuitive controls, the XbotGo becomes invaluable, capturing every intricate move and skill during your soccer sessions. Craft cinematic stories effortlessly, all while refining your gameplay with the precision tracking and adaptability that XbotGo offers. Elevate your soccer training experience and reimagine how you document and enhance your skills on the field.

Join the Cinematic Adventure

The XbotGo Sports Gimbal transcends being a mere tool; it’s your exclusive VIP pass to the captivating realm of crafting cinematic stories within the dynamic world of sports. Are you prepared to redefine your sports cinematography? Allow the XbotGo to become your creative partner, infusing every frame with enthusiasm and excitement.

Envision this: as you wield the XbotGo, each kick, sprint, and goal is transformed into a cinematic spectacle, capturing the essence and emotion of the game. It goes beyond traditional videography—it’s a collaborative journey where the XbotGo seamlessly integrates into your creative process, enhancing the visual narrative of your sports adventures.

So, are you ready to elevate your storytelling game? Let the XbotGo be the catalyst for your sports cinematography, unlocking a world of possibilities that go beyond conventional filming. It’s not just a gimbal; it’s a creative ally, poised to inject a burst of energy and excitement into every frame of your sports narrative.

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