What is Once?

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Once is an easy-to-use analysis software that allows you to create high-end analyses with 3D animations and great graphics.
Once’s software can be installed and used on both Windows and Mac OSX.
The advantage of Once software is that you can use it for both drawing and tagging, eliminating the need to use more than one software to create a professional live or post-match analysis.
Besides exporting the files, it also includes a great presentation option for presenting your analysis to your players, team, other coaches or the board of your club to determine your vision and strategy.
In addition, Once sport has handy tutorials available on its website if you are not quite sure how to use the software most efficiently.

What does Soccerexercises use the Once software for?

We at Soccerexercises were often asked by players and trainers of various clubs whether we could analyse teams and players individually. We do this by analysing both matches and training sessions.
At that time, we did not have any software for this and simply used standard recordings. Without any extra graphics or drawings.
After searching and testing various analysis software, we came across Once Sport.
The advantage of the Once software is that you can use it for both drawing and tagging so you only need one software package.
A very big additional advantage is that you can make live analyses so that you can quickly switch live during the match or half-time with the coach what the positive points of the team are and where the improvement points are to make it even more difficult for the opponent.

Once in use

In addition, we at soccerexercises notice that players and teams are very enthusiastic when we use the presentation modes to sit down together after the match and discuss the good points and the less good points of the match and players. Sometimes, during the analysis session with the teams, we notice that the players themselves also give great input on how they could have done better or what a player did really well.

There are also players who enjoy being analysed individually. To do this, we watch an individual player during a training session or match. We then analyse the footage and discuss it with the player in a one-to-one session.

We notice that the teams and players whom we use Once Sport’s analysis software take steps forward in making and understanding the choices.

Partner and ambassadors of Once

Since we were so satisfied with the easy and fine use of Once’s software, we contacted Once Sport and after the pleasant contact via e-mail with Once Sports staff and also the CEO of Once Sport, great cooperation developed.
We received a very fine course from the employees of One Sport on how to use Once sport’s software in the best and most efficient way.
As a result, we soccerexercises are officially certified in the use of the Once software.
Apart from knowing how the software can best be used, we also regularly test new versions at Once’s request to see if we like the version and what improvements can be made.

Discount on the Once software

Due to our strong partnership with Once sport, we may offer you a 10% discount on Once Sport’s analysis software.
So by using the discount code: Soccerexercises, you get a 10% discount on the software, who wouldn’t want this?

Have you become as enthusiastic as soccerexercises about Once Sport’s software?
Then take a look at the Once Sport website (once.de) for more information and to purchase the analysis software. Or check out our Instagram page for great examples!