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On the soccerexercises partner page, you will find an overview of the parties we work closely with.
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Once Sport

Once is an easy-to-use analysis software that allows you to create high-end analyses with 3D animations and great graphics.
Once’s software can be installed and used on both Windows and Mac OSX.
The advantage of Once software is that you can use it for both drawing and tagging, eliminating the need to use more than one software to create a professional live or post-match analysis.

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XbotGo – AI Powered Sports Tracking Gimbal

Enter a captivating realm of cinematic sports capture with the XbotGo Sports Gimbal—a cutting-edge innovation that invites you into a world of breathtaking footage using only your smartphone and the user-friendly XbotGo app. Beyond being just a device, the XbotGo stands as your dedicated tool for cinematic storytelling, and the best part? No additional hardware or software is required, simplifying your filming experience.

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