#81 Double triangle team passing drill

In the double triangle team passing drill, you will improve the soccer teams passing skill and movement skills. By doing these soccer exercises you also improve the teamwork of the soccer players in a team context, this will also improve the match play and team feeling through this double triangle team passing drill.
If you perform the passing part well and at high speed, the double triangle team passing drill will also improve the condition of the soccer team and for the individual soccer player.

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#80 Shuttle run / Beeptest 2020

This video is a full shuttle run /beeptest with music.
Distance for the test is 20 meters.

The Soccer Exercises shuttle run/ beeptest 2020 is created to improve your condition.

Good luck with the shuttle run/ beeptest!

If you want to download the music mp3 file or the shuttle run tables for free click on the link below:

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#79 Practice match with 2 central midfielders

In the practice match with 2 central midfielders, the focus is on the use of the central midfielders. It is important that the players seek the combination with the midfielder (player in the central box) For the midfielder it is important that he tries to distribute the game as quickly as possible.

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#78 3 great 1 VS 1 duels drills

This week we have 3 great 1 vs 1 duel drills. With these 1 vs 1 duel exercises you can improve the duel strength of the players.
These 1vs1 practice matches. Are a good way to let (young) players compete against each other and develop themselves.

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#77 Slalom, dribble, and score a goal drill

In the slalom, dribble, and score a goal drill we will show you an exercise with this soccerexercises the players will improve the ball control skills because this soccer drill focus on 3 different elements slalom, dribble and score a goal. The player will improve dribble skills and scoring skills.

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#76 Practice match drill – part 2

This week we have a Practice match drill – part 2 for you. This practice match we focus on the speed of the players and the duel strength of each player.
Each player of each team has a number when the coach calls the number he or she will play the duel with the other players.

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#75 Team passing and sprinting drill – part 4

In Team passing and sprinting drill – part 4. We will show you a fourth version of the team passing and sprinting drill.
With this soccer drill, you improve the passing skills of the team as well as the players. In addition, the team becomes more compatible with each other. Because the players also have to sprint you will also improve the condition of the players by performing this exercise at a high speed.

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#74 Passing and score a goal drill – part 6

In Passing and score a goal drill – part 6 we will bring you a new passing and score a goal drill, with this soccer exercise you improve the player’s passing skills and scoring skills. The players must communicate with each other that they give a good pass to each other.

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