Stay fit during the summer break!

Soccer season is over and summer is coming! Time for relaxing, food, drinks, swimming, partying, vacation and joy.

Physical inactivity leads to loss of power and condition. This happens already after a few weeks. The more you train during season, the more you loss during vacation.
Maybe you recognize the feeling at the first training of the season. Your condition is bad and the next morning you have painful and stiff muscles.

Research has shown that the risk of injuries is 3 times higher at the beginning of the season than the rest of the year.
The most important reason is the rest during summer break. Your heart pumps less efficient and your muscles process oxygen less well.


Do you want to start the new season with less risk of injuries?
Stay active during summer break. This can be with another sport but stay focussed on your goal. For soccer it’s important to train your condition and power. Our advice is to train 2-3 times a week for 30-60 minutes.

Other tips:

• Prevent your weight from increasing.
• Don’t drink alcohol.
• Sport with friends. This is motivating.
• Pay attention with high temperatures! Above 26 degrees Celsius and focused high humidity it’s risky to train, You can replace your activity for swimming, walking or do your training early in the morning when it’s less hot.

Training schedule:

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