Muscle building

muscle buiding

Classical football training focuses on individual technique training, the course of play and technique.
Targeted strength training for muscle building and muscle strengthening should not be ignored.

Football players need a stable muscular system in order to be able to deal with the dynamics of the game as well as to be able to stay strong in the duel with the opponent.

Golden rules:
You will need regular strength training not only to achieve the desired effects but also to maintain the effects. 
It’s important that you don’t overdo the physical strain and listen carefully to your body. The exercises should not be too intensive and the repetitions should not be too many.
Trainings for muscle building can be divided into exercises with weights (e.g. dumbbells) and without weights.
After an intensive strength training, your body needs a rest day to be able to build up muscles.

Working together:
Following a monotonous strength training according to the program is not always enjoyable. You should, therefore, try to add some variety and playful elements to the exercises. Training as a group is also very important, because the players than can encourage, challenge and of course motivate themselves and each other. Of course, you have to take into account the individual fitness of the players. The intensity and frequency should always be tuned to each player individually.

Structure of nutrition:
In addition to training, the right nutrition is also important for the muscle-building of the players. Taking in sufficient amounts of liquid, preferably containing a lot of magnesium and potassium, is a priority because it strengthens the muscles and makes them supple. Furthermore, protein-rich food is preferred. Because this also promotes muscle building. However, special protein drinks for athletes are not necessary for amateur soccer players.