Soccer this, soccer that—your kiddo is always on the go with that ball. On the street, in the garden, and maybe even sneakily indoors. If the ball ends up in an unwanted spot for the umpteenth time, it might be time for a soccer club. Your child joins soccer, and now what?


Once you’ve found a cool first soccer club and signed up, it’s time to get the team uniform and the first soccer shoes. The first steps towards a soccer career are taken, cool huh!

In every club, including soccer, there are some voluntary helper moments. Think of various things, like driving for an away game, assisting in a match, being a linesman, doing a stint in the snack bar, and washing jerseys. Not only is your child on the soccer team, but as a parent, you’re also very involved with the team—pretty fun, right


If you follow our premier league a bit, you know that the matches are always played on the weekend. This also applies to youth regardless of age. Depending on the team, it could be either Saturday or Sunday. The times vary each week, but fortunately, this schedule is known in advance. It’s easy when you want to plan other activities. Additionally, there’s training once, and sometimes twice a week during weekdays.


No matter how enthusiastic you are as a parent, there are some unwritten rules you should try to follow when attending a match. Keep in mind that the most important thing for the kids is to have fun. When they are on the losing side, keep cheering them on positively. That boosts a child’s confidence. Enjoy the match as a supporter and leave everything else to the coach and team leaders. Nothing is more annoying for a coach than being told how everything should be done. The parents of big players also sat nicely in the stands, just enjoying the game.

In short, there’s a lot to consider when your child starts playing soccer. Still, it’s a lot of fun, especially as a soccer parent. Want more tips to get well-prepared? take a look at our YouTube channel for great and easy practice tips! You can find them here.

Have a great time and enjoy the sporty moments with your child(ren).