30-day plank challenge

What is the plank challenge?

The plank challenge is a physical challenge, there are many different challenges and they are popular and there are many different variations.

Plank position

There is a challenge for almost every effective and well-known exercise on the internet at the moment. Usually, these challenges are also 30 days. Most people often set a goal to grow strong abs. Therefore, the 30-day plank challenge is often popular to perform. If your goal is to develop stronger abs or a stronger torso, we invite you to join us in the 30-day plank challenge!

Why should you participate in the 30-day plank challenge?

The point of the 30-day plank challenge is that there is a gradual build-up and you slowly actually work towards your goal. Since the plank challenge lasts 30 days, you can count down the days. This works as a motivator for many people. This will make it easier for you to keep up the 30 days. In addition, challenges are just fun to do and for a starter who does not have much experience it can serve as a nice way to start training.

30-day plank challenge results

Now that we’ve had the introduction to the 30-day plank challenge, what does the 30-day challenge accomplish? You don’t have to worry that the 30-day plank challenge won’t produce results. Because you can hold the plank longer than before, you will have a stronger torso and better core stability. It is important for correct posture and can also prevent back pain, in addition, it will also improve other strength exercises.

Whether you will see the results of the 30-day plank challenge depends. If your goal is to develop visible abs, your fat percentage should be low enough. If you have a higher fat percentage the muscles will be under a layer of fat and you will have to lower your fat percentage before your abs are visible.

Lose weight with the plank challenge?

Is it possible to lose weight with the 30-day plank challenge? In the first instance, the plank challenge is not meant for losing weight or excess fat. The plank challenge is purely meant to train and strengthen your core stability. Performing the plank challenge will certainly increase your burn rate, but it is a short effort that is often not enough to stimulate fat loss. This does not mean that the 30-day plank challenge has no added value if you want to develop visible abs.

You can lose weight and do the 30-day plank challenge at the same time.

Perform the plank challenge at your own level.

30 days plank challenge beginners

Once you have decided to take the 30-day plank challenge, it is important to perform the plank challenge at your own level. For beginners, the above plank schedule of 2-minute planks is often already a challenge.

If this is too easy (for example, if you are already experienced) or planking is going well for you, then you could do the 30-days 5-minute plank challenge, see the schedule below to ensure you have enough challenge for yourself. You can also do the plank challenge for a longer period, for example, a 60-day plank challenge.

In addition, a gradual build-up is important during the 30-day plank challenge. The gradual build-up and the rest days are included in the above-mentioned schedules. If you want to make your own schedule, we recommend that you do not exceed 10-second jumps per day.

30 days plank challenge advanced

We also advise you to listen to your body and stop in time to prevent injuries. If you use our 30-day plank challenge then you are responsible for carrying out the challenge properly and stopping in time to prevent injuries.

Additional tips for properly performing the plank challenge.

Perform the plank properly.

If you do not perform the plank properly during the 30-day plank challenge, then the challenge will be useless and you also run the risk of getting injured. Therefore, watch the video below to perform the plank exercise properly.

Use a phone or stopwatch

Everyone has a phone nowadays, use it to keep track of your time by setting a timer for example. This way you can fully focus on performing the plank challenge correctly. And you avoid losing time while planking.

Face the challenge together

If it is sometimes difficult for you to motivate yourself, you can tackle the challenge together with a friend or partner. You don’t necessarily have to plank together daily but you’ll have someone behind you to check on you but more importantly to motivate you to complete the challenge. In addition, the other person can keep track of time via the stopwatch or phone.

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