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Stay fit during the summer break!

Physical inactivity leads to loss of power and condition. This happens already after a few weeks. The more you train during season, the more you write during vacation.

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Soccer for Kids

Many kids would like to play soccer. It’s their favorite thing to do in their leisure time.
They play soccer with their friends on soccer fields and squares. They run, shoot or dribble as if they are their favorite soccer hero.

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What do you eat before, during and after a game?

Do you want to play better? Than you have to pay attention what you eat! In this article we explain what you have to eat and when.
In this article we explain what you have to eat and when.

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How and when stretching?

In this article we explain the best way to stretch by soccer so you start well prepared on the match and you have a low risk on injuries during and after the match or exercises.

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Winter break

Winter is coming, the weather is getting worse, and the competition is temporarily stopping. That is why the most teams temporarily stop their training.

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