#239 One touch passing drill with dummy players

Improve your passing skills and enhance your team’s coordination with this dynamic one touch passing drill featuring dummy players. In this training session, we’ll demonstrate a challenging exercise designed to sharpen your ability to quickly and accurately move the ball. The drill involves setting up a series of strategically placed dummy players, who simulate opposition or teammates, depending on the desired training focus. The objective of the drill is to maintain a fast-paced passing rhythm by using only one touch to play the ball. This exercise will not only help you develop your passing accuracy but also your decision-making skills, as you’ll need to scan the field and select the best passing option within a limited time frame. Throughout the video, we’ll guide you through the proper technique for executing one touch passes, emphasizing the importance of body positioning, weight transfer, and timing. We’ll also provide tips on how to communicate effectively with your teammates during the drill, ensuring smooth transitions and fluid ball movement.