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Soccer exercises

Every week we upload soccer exercises, soccer drills, soccer tips in the form of animations. With our soccer exercises, you can improve your soccer skills as a player. As a soccer trainer, you can use our soccer exercises during the training sessions to improve the soccer skills of your soccer team in a fun way. And so you can improve the performance of your soccer team.

You can view our exercises on the exercises page on the menu. And also on our youtube channel.

Soccer exercises articles

Regularly the team of soccer exercises writes nice interesting soccer articles. These articles can be about a lot of things: How to stay fit as a player, How to get more strength as a player, How to improve your soccer skills with soccer exercises at home.

Take a look on our article page. And read the best soccer exercises articles.

Soccer exercises quizzes

In addition to the weekly soccer exercises for players and trainers, and the articles we write, the soccer exercises team also makes quizzes.
These quizzes can be about anything that has to do with soccer. The best quizzes you can play on our quiz page. Are you a real soccer expert? Test your knowledge now on the soccer exercises quiz page and show that you are the best soccer expert! Share the results with your friends and challenge them.


For our dutch speaking visitors, we have created a Dutch website: piepjestest.nl.

Piepjestest is the dutch name for the shuttle run test. At piepjestest.nl you will find all the information and free downloads for performing the soccer exercises shuttlerun test also called beep test internationally.

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